Webinar Production and Support in Chicago

As experts in the audio visual industry, AVR Chicago offers webinar production and support services for businesses across Chicago.

If you’re looking for an innovative new way to connect with clients, share insight and demonstrate your industry knowledge, holding a webinar may be the ideal business solution for you!

With vast experience in the audio and visual technology industry, AVR Chicago is the perfect partner with which to create a webinar. If you choose to create your webinar with AVR Chicago, we’ll be by your side every step of the way from the initial stages of creating a webinar strategy to the day you go live.

What Should I Consider When Producing a Webinar?

  • Have a clear idea as to the purpose of your webinar – is it to deliver training, for marketing purposes or to share new ideas with others in your industry?
  • Consider what you want to achieve – is your goal to generate leads? To grow your mailing list?
  • Consider what equipment you will need to make your webinar a success.

A few top tips for Webinars

  • Consider a set-up that enables your listeners to respond rather than passively listening throughout – a chat feature can work well for this.
  • Make your webinar valuable to your listeners.
  • Try not to use sales language.
  • When planning your webinar, remember to leave time for listener questions.
  • Record your webinar and promote it on your website, on your blog, via email and social media after the event.

Why Choose AVR Chicago for Webinar Production and Support?

AVR Chicago is available to help your business produce webinars that will demonstrate thought-leadership in your industry and engage and connect with potential and existing customers and clients. Here are just a few reasons why you might choose AVR Chicago to help out with your next webinar.

  • We offer advice and in-person assistance to enable you to confidently produce a webinar that is as professional as your brand.
  • We can provide all the equipment you need for a successful webinar. You can rent everything from professional microphones to cameras from AVR Chicago. A lot of thought and time goes into planning a webinar, so just knowing that the audio visual side of things are under control can be a huge weight off your shoulders.
  • We can assist with everything from planning to delivering your webinar.
  • We can also offer presenter training, offer technical assistance and help with content creation.
  • With over 30 years’ experience in the audio / visual industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and are able to help you choose the best technology for your webinar and show you how to use it.
  • We’re a local team that you can trust to provide exceptional customer service.

Our goal is to accommodate the needs of all our customers, so if you require any webinar services not listed above, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

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