Video Switching: Ensure a Quality Presentation

In this day and age of video support and presentation service there are many options and connections we deal with week in and week out. From the near antiquated VGA connector to the ever-growing list of HD devices, having a proper video switcher for various types of sources will maximize the way you provide a seamless event.

Video Equipment Rentals

With our inventory of Black Magic video switchers to Kramer presentation video switchers, AVR Chicago carries the video equipment and know-how to make your presentation look professional. Whether you need seamless video switching form multiple sources or just a fancy PowerPoint presentation to a static shot of your event’s logo we have all the video equipment rentals you’ll need.

Video Switchers

The Black Magic ATEM Production Studio 4K is a powerful video switcher solution for live broadcasts, events,  conference presentations, and stage events. With dazzling and, frankly, stunning quality of image sets, this product is in a category you would like to find yourself presenting in. The features of this family of video switcher products allows for compatibility and strength of show.



Kramer Electronics and its full range of AV electronics gives its competition a run for its money. With a very technical approach these video switcher products give a complete product family that will provide solutions from mobile applications to permanent installs. Kramer is a name that can be trusted and relied on as one of our go to brands we trust.

Please take a look at these two companies and judge for yourself why the expert techs at AVR Chicago also trust and love these two brands.

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