Video Equipment Rentals

When your presentation or event requires video equipment rentals or video production services, think AVR Chicago - the industry experts for more than 30 years! Our video equipment rentals and production services enable absolutely any visual content. Whether you're looking to present a slideshow at a trade booth, pitch a YouTube series at a creative meeting, simulcast a major event to thousands of people – or anything in between. Large or small, AVR Chicago has the video equipment rentals and video production experience to make your visuals unforgettable.

Rent a Projector and SO Much More

Looking to rent a projector? You're in luck! AVR Chicago offers a wide range of video projector rentals to suit any venue. Our rent a projector service reaches all the way up to our 12,000 lumen Sanyo PLC-XF1000 and beyond. Indoors or outdoors, large venues or small, AVR Chicago can supply you with the video equipment to project images that are stunning, vibrant and crisp. For more intimate occasions, we rent high-definition TVs and stands or portable projection screens.

AVR Chicago is your one-stop shop for everything you'll need to set up the event. We can provide sound system rental services and lighting rental too. Contact AVR Chicago to get started.

What type of video equipment do I need?

Want to make your event really stand out? Rent a projector, screens, HD TV, video mixer and so much more from AVR Chicago. If you don’t know just quite what you’d need, we can help guide you. We have more than three decades worth of experience and have worked with just about any type of business and industry imaginable. Some questions you may consider to get the most out of your video equipment rentals include:

  • What type and size of venue are you using?
  • Will the visual content need to be seen indoors, outdoors or both?
  • What is the furthest away will people be sitting from the projected image or screen?
  • Do you need multiple screens for large venues?
  • Are you focused on live video, prerecorded video, still images or a combination?
  • Do you need quick set-up and take-down?

Contact AVR Chicago today with all of your video equipment rental questions. We'll help you find exactly the right video, lighting and sound system today!

Projector Rentals

Sanyo PLC-XF1000

Sanyo PLC-XF1000 Projector

Rental Fee: Daily-$1000/Weekly-$2000

nec projector rental

NEC NP-PX750u2 Projector

Rental Fee: Daily-$750/Weekly-$1500

sanyo video projector rental

Sanyo PLC-XT25

Rental Fee: Daily-$450/Weekly-$900

sanyo plc-xu78 projector

Sanyo PLC-XU78 Projector

Rental Fee: Daily-$200/Weekly-$400

Screen Rentals

samsung tv rentals

50" Samsung LED TV

Rental Fee: Daily-$200/Weekly-$400

Stumpfl 9' x 12' Screen

Rental Fee: Daily-$150/Weekly-$300

projection drape kit rental

Stumpfl Drape Kit

Rental Fee: Daily-$75/Weekly-$150

Video Equipment

blackmagic video switcher rental

Blackmagic Video Switcher

Rental Fee: Daily-$200/Weekly-$400

video switcher rental

Kramer VP-727 Video Switcher

Rental Fee: Daily-$200/Weekly-$400

video mixer rental

Videonics MXPro Video Mixer

Rental Fee: Daily-$75/Weekly-$150

tv stand rentals

Chief Chrome TV Stand

Rental Fee: Daily-$75/Weekly-$150

dvd player rental

Tascam DVD Player Rental

Rental Fee: Daily-$50/Weekly-$100

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