Projector Rental in Chicago

Sanyo PLC-XF1000

Sanyo PLC-XF1000 Projector

Rental Fee: Daily-$1000/Weekly-$2000

NEC NP-PX750u2 Projector

NEC NP-PX750u2 Projector

Rental Fee: Daily-$750/Weekly-$1500

Sanyo PLC-XT25 projector rental

Sanyo PLC-XT25

Rental Fee: Daily-$450/Weekly-$900

Sanyo PLC-XU78 projector rental

Sanyo PLC-XU78 Projector

Rental Fee: Daily-$200/Weekly-$400

Projectors can be used to bring any presentation or event to life!

From movie watching to photo slideshows, for wedding, corporate events and parties, projectors help you share your images to the entire room, so you, your family, friends and colleagues can view and appreciate them as a group.

Whether you’re looking to encourage laughter and relive memories at a wedding, or share your latest design ideas or strategy at a corporate event, projectors are essential to create a central viewing space for audiences large and small.

If you’re looking for a projector for your event, look no further than AVR Chicago, your local audio and visual equipment rental company. You can trust us to provide you with good quality projectors that you’ll be able to rely on when your big day comes. We also offer you all the advice you’ll need to choose the right projector for your event and guide you towards the specifications most important to you depending on the unique experience you’re looking to create.

What Should I Consider When Looking to Rent a Projector?

If you’ve never rented a projector before, it can be difficult to decide which one might be right for your event. Here are a few tips help you make an informed choice:

  • Projectors come with various lumens ratings. Consider the size of the room you will be presenting in – a smaller room might require a projector with only 1000 lumen units while a larger hall might benefit from a projector with 3000 lumen units.
  • Consider the size of your audience and the feel of your presentation – do you want the showing to be intimate or extravagant?
  • Budget – how important is this piece of equipment and how much do you want to spend on it? Renting can help you avoid the unnecessary cost of buying a projector you’ll use infrequently, and eliminate the need to store it. We offer a range of solutions depending on your needs.
  • Consider what other equipment you will need. Do you want the projector you rent to be the whole package? Decide whether you’ll want to rent speakers separately or a projector that has speakers built in.

Why Choose AVR Chicago for your Projector Rental?

  • With experience in the audio and visual equipment rental industry for over 30 years, we have the knowledge necessary to help you find the perfect projector to complete your event.
  • We can help you choose a projector that will meet or exceed your expectations and keep your event budget down. We offer excellent weekly and daily rental prices.
  • We are dedicated to helping you choose equipment you’ll love, and customer satisfaction is our priority.
  • We have experience advising on the best projectors for a huge range of events, of all kinds and sizes.
  • Whether locally or across the US, we can deliver our products to you.

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